Design Against The Grain

Design Against The Grain

Entertainment Centers

Big/flat screen TVs have changed the look of entertainment centers today. Now its OK to hang your TV on a wall and have cabinetry below or beside it. All the electronic black shiny metal and plastic can go BEHIND closed doors. The center speaker doesn't have to replace the family photo on a shelf. It too can disappear into the cabinetry and create a smooth wire free environment. Just you the remote and the screen.

When I design & build an entertainment center for a client four basic questions enter my mind.
1. Do you want me to take care of the electronics and hand you the remote when the job is complete?.
2. Do you want your entertainment center be flush cabinetry that looks like it came with your home or do you want it to look like a free standing piece of furniture you had custom made.
3. Do you have any toys? PS3, Wii, XBOX 360,etc
4. How much storage do you need?

How can the remote work with the doors closed?
I use what’s called an "IR Repeater" This gadget funnels any remote signal into every electronic device you have in your cabinet. The device will respond to its own remote signal. I install a small led that flashes when the remote sends the signal to the unit.

Wouldn't the electronics over heat?
I make a cabinet with draw vents and a cooling fan built in. For most cabinets the air exchange is around one minute